Mustang History

The Ford Mustang created the pony car market with its launch in early 1964. Available in a variety of body styles and with a huge number of options, the Mustang could be anything from a sporty economy car to a road-ripping fire-breathing muscle car.

The big block 390 cid engine, rated at 320 horsepower, became available in 1967, and the 428 Cobra Jet (335 horsepower) came on board in 1968. The high-revving Boss 302, and the big block Boss 429 were available in 1969. The 429 Super Cobra Jet (375 hp) for 1971 was Mustang's last big block high performance engine, though the 351 HO and the 351 Cobra Jet were available for 1972.

Mustang Years Index

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