1973 Dodge Charger

1973 Charger SE


1973 was the third year for the third version of the Dodge Charger.

For 1973 the Charger got new tail lights and a new grill. These would both continue unchanged for 1974. Exposed headlights had been standard since 1971, but now hidden headlights were no longer optional.

Large, all-rubber bumper guards were added to the front and rear bumpers to meet the new bumper standard. Later in the year the bumper guards were changed to include a chrome base, which continued unchanged for 1974.

In 1972 the R/T package was replaced by a Rallye option which included a hood with a power bulge and hood pins, along with suspension and tire upgrades. The Rallye option continued for 1973.

The 318 cubic inch engine was standard, which was now rated at 150 SAE Net horsepower and 265 ft-lbs of torque.

Optional engines included the 340 with 240 horsepower and 295 ft-lbs of torque, the 400 two-barrel with 175 horsepower and 310 ft-lbs of torque, the 400 four-barrel with 260 horsepower and 340 ft-lbs of torque, and the 440 Magnum with 280 horsepower and 340 ft-lbs of torque. The slant-six was also still available and rated at 105 horsepower and 185 ft-lbs of torque.

The SE (Special Edition) Charger was the top of the line model. SE models had a "triple opera window" for the rear quarter window.

1973 Charger Key Differences

1973 Chargers had vents at the base of the hood near the windshield, while ‘74s did not.

All-rubber bumper guards on the front and rear bumpers are unique to 1973, however late ‘73s have a chrome base added to the bumper guard which is the same as the ones used in 1974. The grill and tail lights of the 1973 Charger were shared with the 1974 model.

Similar Years

Dodge Chargers from 1971 - 1974 had the same body. Changes to the grill, tail lights, and bumpers distinguish each year. 1973 and 1974 Chargers are almost identical.

How to Identify a 1973 Dodge Charger


  • Third year of the third version of the Dodge Charger (1973)
  • Rallye version of the Charger shown which included the side stripes (1972 - 1974)

1973 Charger Hood Vents

  • 1973 was the last year for the hood vents at the base of the windshield (1971 - 1973) and a good way to tell a 1973 Charger from a 1974

1973 Charger Bumper Guard

  • Large, all-rubber bumper guards were added to the front and rear bumpers to meet the new standards (1973)
  • Most 1973 Chargers have this style of bumper guards, but late model '73s had the revised version (see below) (1973)

1973 Charger Bumper Guard Revised

  • Late in 1973 the bumper guard design was revised, and they gained a chrome base (late 1973 - 1974)

1973 Charger Grill

  • The front grill was new for 1973 (1973 - 1974)
  • Hidden headlights were no longer available, even as an option (1973 - 1974)

1973 Charger SE Grill

  • The Charger SE had a slightly different grill, with a horizontal divider running through its middle (1973 - 1974)

1973 Charger Front Bumper

  • The front bumper was the same as the previous year, but had much larger bumper guards added (1973 - 1974)

1973 Charger Front Side Marker Light

  • Front marker lights were again rectangular (1972 - 1974)

1973 Charger Rear Side Marker Light

  • Rear marker lights were also again rectangular (1972 - 1974)

1973 Charger Tail Lights

  • New tail lights were used for 1973 (1973 - 1974)

1973 Charger Trunk Nameplate

  • The Charger nameplate was mounted on the right side of the trunk lid (1971 - 1974)

1973 Charger Rear Quarter Window

  • Charger SEs had a three-window treatment for the rear quarter window, but other style windows were also available (1973 - 1974)

1973 Charger Dash

  • The dash was unchanged from the previous year (1971 - 1974)

1973 SE Charger Interior

  • The interior of the SE Charger was trimmed a little differently

1973 Charger Seats

  • Chargers SE seats shown

1973 Charger SE Hood Ornament

  • The Dodge Charger SE had a special hood ornament (1973 - 1974)

1973 Rallye Charger Hood

  • The Rallye Charger came with a special power bulge hood equipped with hood pins (1972 - 1974)

1973 Charger Rim

  • Charger steel wheel with center hubcap and trim ring

1973 Charger Magnum 500 Wheel

  • Optional Magnum 500 wheels with trim ring in satin finish

More 1973 Charger Pictures

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