1966 Corvette

1966 Chevrolet 427 Corvette Convertible


The C2 Corvette (1963 - 1967) was in its second last year.

On coupes, the roof C-pillars lost their vents and were now smooth for the first time. The rocker panel trim piece now had a series of fine ribs running from front to back. A cast metal (silver) grill with an egg-crate design was new for this year, and a "Sting Ray" insignia was added to the hood. The crest on the fuel filler door was also new for this year.

The big block engine returned as an option for 1966, but was enlarged to 427 cubic inches. It was available in two forms. A 390 horsepower, 460 foot pound version, or a higher compression version with 425 horsepower and the same torque

1966 Corvette Key Differences

1966 was the only year that the Corvette had a hood-mounted "Sting Ray" emblem. An egg-crate grill with side louvers of three vertical slots also positively identify a 1966 Corvette.

Similar Years

All C2 Corvettes were more or less the same in term of the body style. Differences in trim, emblems, side louvers, hoods, and engines can be used to identify each year.

How to Identify a 1966 Corvette


  • C2 Corvette body style (1963-1967)
  • Coupe body with big block 427 hood shown

1966 Corvette Hood Emblem

  • For 1966 only, the hood gained a "Corvette Sting Ray" badge like the one on the rear of the car (1966)

1966 Corvette Grill

  • The grill was changed to a silver egg-crate design (1966-67)

1966 Corvette Grill Backside

  • The egg-crate pattern of the grill can be better seen from the backside, looking through the hood opening (front of car is at top of the picture) (1966-67)

1966 Corvette C-Pillar

  • The roof vents were now gone from the roof c-pillars which were now smooth (1966-67)

1966 Corvette Rocker Panel Trim

  • The rocker panel trim piece gained a fine rib pattern (1966-67)

1966 Corvette Fender Badge

  • The crossed-flags fender badges were of a different design with the optional 427 cu in engine and incorporated a "427 Turbo Jet" insignia (1966)

1966 Corvette 427 Big Block Hood

  • Corvettes equipped with the 427 big block engine came with a hood that had a power bulge and functioning air intakes (1965-66)

1966 Corvette 427 Big Block Engine

  • The optional 427 cubic inch Chevy big-block V8 engine (1966-67)

1966 Corvette Fender Vents

  • Functional fender louvers with three vertical slots continued from last year (1965-66)

1966 Corvette Rear Window

  • The rear window on coupes was one piece (1964-67)

1966 Corvette Dash

  • The Vette's dash remained the same as last year (1965-67)

1966 Corvette Seats

  • The design of the seats was changed and they gained more pleats (1966-67)

1966 Corvette Rear Deck

  • The rear deck remained unchanged (1963-67)

1966 Corvette Back-Up lights

  • Back-up lights were now standard. Vettes now had two red tail lights and two white back-up lights. (1966)

1966 Corvette Sting Ray Name Plate

  • The rear deck name plate was modified with the "Corvette" script now centered over the "Sting Ray" insignia (1966-67)

1966 Corvette Front Flags Emblem

  • The front flags flags emblem which was changed for 1965 remained the same this year (1965-66)

1966 Corvette Fuel Filler Cap

  • The crest on the fuel filler door was new for this year (1966)

1966 Corvette Aluminum Wheel

  • Cast aluminum knock-off wheels were available for the last time (1963-66)

1966 Corvette Wheel Knock-Off Hub

  • Real knock-off hubs were outlawed for safety reasons in 1967, so this would be their final year as an option on the Corvette (1963-66)

1966 Corvette Side Exhaust

  • "Side Mount" exhaust pipes continued as a factory option (1965-67)

1966 Corvette Hidden Headlights

  • Hidden headlights with quad headlamps were the same for all C2 Corvettes (1963-67)

More 1966 Corvette Pictures

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