1965 Corvette

1965 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe


The C2 Chevrolet Corvette (1963 - 1967) was in its third year for 1965.

For 1965 the standard hood lost its indentations. The fender louvers were now functional, and were three vertical vents rather than two horizontal indentations. Specific to 1965, the front grill was blacked out but had a chrome surround. Also specific to this year, the rocker panel trim was changed and no longer had any ribs but had one long indentation running its full length.

The design of the instrument gauges changed to a flat face and they lost their chrome center ring. The fuel-filler door again had a new crest.

For the first time, a Chevy big block engine was available in the Corvette. Displacing 396 cubic inches, and rated at 425 horsepower and 415 foot pounds of torque, it surpassed the fuel injected small block 327 cubic inch engine as the top power plant. 1965 would be the last year for the fuelie which was rated at 375 horsepower and 350 foot pounds of torque. 1965 was the only year for the big block 396 which came with a special hood with a power bulge that had integral air intake vents.

Four-wheel disc brakes were now standard, but could be deleted for credit. Side-mounted exhaust pipes could now be ordered from the factory.

1965 Corvette Key Differences

For 1965, the Corvette's standard hood was smooth with no indentations. The rocker panel trim was unique to this year, as was the blacked out grill with a bright chrome perimeter.

Similar Years

From 1963 to 1967, C2 Corvettes were mostly the same style-wise. Minor differences in trim, emblems, side louvers, hoods, and engines can be used to tell one year's model from the others.

How to Identify a 1965 Corvette


  • C2 Corvette body style (1963-1967)
  • Convertible body shown

1965 Corvette Hood

  • The standard hood was smooth and no longer had the grill indentations (1965-67)
  • The standard hood retained the central bulge that ran its length (1965-67)

1965 Corvette Big Block Hood

  • Corvettes equipped with the 396 big block engine got a different hood with a power bulge and functioning air intakes (1965-66)
  • The 1966 hood is shown

1965 Corvette Grill

  • The blacked-out grill was made of thin horizontal bars and had a bright chrome surround (1965)

1965 Corvette Rocker Panel Trim

  • The rocker panel trim piece was no longer ribbed (1965)
  • The rocker panel was hidden by the side exhaust pipes for cars so equipped (1965-67)

1965 Corvette Fuel Filler Door

  • Fuel Cap emblem was changed again for 1965 (1965)

1965 Corvette Fender Louvers

  • Functional fender louvers were new this year (previously fake)
  • Fender louvers were three vertical slots or vents (1965-66)

1965 Corvette Roof Vents

  • The roof vents had grills as in 1964 (1964-65)

1965 Corvette Rear Window

  • The rear window on coupes was one piece (1964-67)

1965 Corvette Dash

  • The gauges were now flat-faced and they lost their center chrome ring (1965-67)

1965 Corvette Rear Deck

  • The rear deck remained unchanged (1963-67)

1965 Corvette Tail lights

  • Dual tail lights on each side continued (1963-67)

1965 Corvette Back-Up lights

  • Back-up lights were available as an option. This replaced one red tail light on either side with a white back-up light (1963-66)

1965 Corvette Sting Ray Badge

  • The rear deck "Sting Ray" badge continued unchanged (1963-65)

1965 Corvette Fender Flags Emblem

  • Front fender crossed-flags emblem was the same as earlier years (1963-65)

1965 Corvette Wheel Hubcap

  • Corvettes with the base steel wheels wore these spoked-design hubcaps (1965-66)

1965 Corvette Aluminum Wheel

  • Cast aluminum knock-off wheels were available as an option(1963-66)

1965 Corvette Side Exhaust

  • Available for 1965, "Side Mount" exhaust pipes were a factory option (1965-67)

1965 Corvette Interior

  • Seats and door panels were changed for 1965 and a telescoping steering wheel was now an option.

1965 Convertible Corvette

  • Convertible Corvettes outsold the coupes for 1965 at almost two to one.

1965 Corvette Profile

  • Left side view of a 1965 Corvette convertible with side exhaust and aluminum wheels

More 1965 Corvette Pictures

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