1958 Chevrolet

1958 Chevrolet Bel Air Two Door Coupe


The 1958 Chevrolet was all new, but was a design that would last only one year.

The 58 Chey was longer, lower and wider than the '57 it replaced. 1958 saw the introduction of the Impala, the top-of-the-line model Chevrolet. This displaced the Bel Air, which was now the mid-range model. The Biscayne replaced the 210 and the Delray 150 models as the entry-level Chevy.

Available engines included a 215 or a 236 cubic inch inline six, and a 265 or 283 cubic inch small-block V-8 engine, or the 348 cubic inch big-block engine which was available for the first time.

1958 Chevrolet Key Differences

Key differences of the 1958 Chevrolet include dual headlights, a larger, more open front grill, and completely new rear fenders, rear fins, and tail lights.

Similar Years

The 1958 Chevrolet was unique and was a transition between the Tri-Five Chevies of 1955-57, and the newer 60's styled 1959 Chevrolet.

How to Identify a 1958 Chevrolet

1958 Chevrolet Grill

  • Full width front grill
  • Dual headlights on each side (1958)
  • Dual signal/parking lights on each side (1958)

1958 Chevrolet Tail Lights

  • Tail lights are specific to the 1958 model (1958)
  • Dual tail lights on each side are mounted in a chrome surround (shown) (1958)
  • Triple tail lights were used on the Caprice and Impala models

1958 Chevrolet Rear Fenders

  • Rear fenders have fins that are splayed out and not as vertical as the '57 (1958)

1958 Chevrolet Rear Fender Trim

  • Rear window and fender trim of a 1958 Bel Air two-door (1958)

1958 Chevrolet Windshield

  • The '58 Chevy had a wrap-around windshield similar to the '57.

More 1958 Chevrolet Pictures

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