1956 Chevrolet

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Two Door Hardtop


1956 was the second year of the "Tri-Five" Chevrolets which were completely redesigned in 1955.

The 56 Chevy was again available in three models, the 150, the 210, and the Bel Air. They came in four-door and two-door sedans (a B-pillar at the rear of the front door), two door and four door coupes (no B-pillar), two-door convertibles, or as four-door or two-door station wagons. The two-door Bel Air station wagon was known as the Nomad.

A 235 cubic inch inline six-cylinder engine with 140 horsepower was standard. The 265 cubic inch small block V-8 was upgraded to 170 horsepower, and could also be had in 205 and 225 hp versions.

1956 Chevrolet Key Differences

Key differences of the 1956 Chevrolet include a full-width front grill, unique tail lights, hood ornament, and different side chrome trim.

Similar Years

1955 - 1957 Chevrolets share the same basic design with slight body and trim variations from year to year. Each year is distinct enough to be easily identified.

How to Identify a 1956 Chevrolet


  • "Tri-Five" body style (1955 - 1957)

1956 Chevrolet Grill

  • Front grill is the full width of the car (1956)

1956 Chevrolet Tail Lights

  • Tail lights are specific to the 1956 model (1956)

1956 Chevrolet Signal light

  • Signal lights are set into the grill (1956)
  • Signal lights are rectangular (1956)

1956 Chevrolet Rear Fenders

  • Rear fenders and trim are unique to the 56 Chevy (1956)
  • Bel Air version shown

1956 Chevrolet Hood Ornament

  • Hood ornament is specific to the '56 Chevy, but the '55 is similar (1956)

1956 Chevrolet B-Pillar

  • B-pillar between the front and rear side windows on a two-door sedan (1955 - 1957)

1956 Chevrolet Coupe Hardtop

  • No B-pillar between the front and rear side windows on a two-door hardtop (1955 - 1957)

More 1956 Chevrolet Pictures

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